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MOVA 6" Blue Ocean Relief Map Revolving Globe

6" Blue Ocean Relief Map Revolving Globe

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6-inch Revolving Globe - No Batteries Required!

3-Prong Lucite Base (other options available)

Physical Map Styling's

Eco-Friendly - Runs on Ambient Light!

9.5H x 6D x 6W - (inches)

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Optional Mova 6" Bases
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Optional MOVA 6" Bases:

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The MOVA 6" Blue Ocean Relief Map Revolving Globe is composed of two spheres, a stationary outer shell that contains an inner rotating globe suspended by liquid. A sophisticated motion mechanism rests discreetly inside the globe along with solar cells, magnetic elements and other proprietary components which in turn drive the globe's continuous rotation without any batteries or electricity. The patented liquid between the two spheres not only provides a frictionless base for the globe to turn, but also creates the optical illusion of the globe rotating magically on its own without any apparent force.

MOVA globe's are unique in every way. Many customers have used the globe to decorate their desk at the office or home and convey they are a great conversation piece. Whether you give the globe as a gift, corporate award or simply decorate with it, you will agree that is it a fun and fascinating addition. Start your collection of MOVA Globe's today!

How MOVA Creations Work

MOVA Creations represent the highest level of expertise in technology and science to simulate perpetual motion with ambient light and the earth's magnetic field. With each one built to last, MOVA Creations require detail, precision and craftsmanship in every aspect of development.

How They're Made: MOVA Creations are 90% handmade. Only the most premium materials are used, including finely polished polymer resin hemisphere shells and a careful mixture of non-toxic fluids to allow the globes to rotate freely.

Inner Workings: A sophisticated motion mechanism, powered by ambient light, rests discreetly inside each globe. Consisting of solar cells, magnetic elements and other proprietary components, the mechanism drives the continuous rotation without any batteries or power cords.

Graphics: The graphics used are carefully designed for spherical objects, maintaining aspect ratios and composition while also taking into account how the movement of our creations will ultimately enhance the designs.

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